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Ashley Posey Watkins, LMBT 13223
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Staysee Yod Teague, LMBT 19205

COVID-19 2021 Update: 

Guidance from the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy has indicated that Massage Therapists are classified by the state and CDC as Health Care Workers.  In accordance with North Carolina Governor’s Executive Order No. 215, masks are required in places classified as health care providers.

We provide Massage Therapy to individuals with varied health conditions and with respect to all of our clients, we will be requiring masks for ALL clients.

Rule .0510 provides an LMBT may refuse to provide massage and bodywork therapy services to any client they choose.  This Rule would allow LMBTs to refuse treatment should LMBTs be concerned about their safety or the safety of their client.  – NCBMBT

We do not wish to refuse service to anyone, but with respect for the health and safety of clients with increased risk factors we may be forced to do so, and for that we apologize.


Welcome to Somatic Healing Clinic

Come spend some time at Somatic Healing Clinic and
experience freedom from pain, naturally.

Somatic Healing Clinic is located in the heart of Waynesville, NC at

130 Miller Street.

We are a cooperative of licensed massage and body work therapists with over 20 years of combined experience.  Each Massage Therapist is their own sole proprietor who maintains their own schedule and we share a common space.  For the convenience of the client, the booking page located at the link above will permit any client to schedule with any therapist in the next available appointment slot.

Each treatment plan is catered to the client’s needs by integrating Neuromuscular and Triggerpoint therapies, deep tissue, Therapeutic Swedish, hot towels and stones.

Deep Relaxation

This session soothes body and mind with light/medium pressure, hot towels and pure aromatherapy. Excellent for calming central nervous system, soothing tension and improving sleep.

Advance Stretching

Includes assisted passive ROM stretching, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching. Assisted stretching will increase ROM and improve axial movements from all joints.